Sources, Acquisition and Classification of Data | UGC NET Paper 1

Sources, Acquisition, Classification of Data: The term ‘data’ is a plural form of the Latin word ‘datum,’ and literally, it means anything that is given. Sources, acquisition, and classification of Data Many sources have defined data in different ways. According to the Oxford Encyclopaedic English Dictionary, “data are known facts or things used as a […]

Data Governance (DG) is the exercise of decision making and an authority for data related matters. Data Governance refers to the organizational bodies, rules, decision rights, and accountabilities of people and information systems as they perform information-related processes. Data and Governance UNIT VII – Data Interpretation (Click on the topic to read) Sources, acquisition and

A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course that has open access and interactive participation by means of the Web. MOOCs provide participants with course materials that are normally used in a conventional education setting – such as examples, lectures, videos, study materials and problem sets. Apart from this, MOOCs offer interactive user …

Data Interpretation is an extension of Mathematical skill and accuracy that draw conclusions and inferences from a comprehensive data presented numerically in tabular form using an illustration, viz. Graphs, Pie charts, etc. In other words, the act of organising and interpreting data to get meaningful information is Data Interpretation. Data Interpretation Data Interpretation aims to

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