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Digital Initiatives in Higher Education: Digital revolution is bringing in sweeping changes in the Higher Education landscape. Every institute is taking various initiatives in promoting digital education. The technology of online education and all the digital initiatives have the possibility to revolutionize higher education scenario in the near future. Digital Initiatives in Higher Education The […]

The general abbreviations and terminology in ICT is an important topic of UGC NET Paper 1. The abbreviations and terminology of ICT are discussed in two parts; Terminology in ICT and Abbreviations in ICT. Terminology in ICT Abort: To stop a program or function before it has finished. Algorithm: A set of instructions that provides

The basics of internet, intranet, email or audio and video conferencing can be better understood if we understand first the computer network. A computer network is the backbone of the internet and related activities. Basics of Internet Networking A network is simply an interconnection of one or more computers for the purpose of sharing information

ICT and Governance ICT and Governance: According to the revised syllabus, ICT and Governance is a new topic of UGC NET Paper 1. Before the discussion of the topic, get familiar with the term “ICT” and “Governance”. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) According to UNESCO, “ICT is a scientific, technological and engineering discipline and management

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