Oriental, Conventional and Non-conventional learning programmes in India

Oriental learning: The word “Oriental” is derived from the term “Orient”. According to the oxford dictionary, the meaning of “Orient” is “the countries of the East, especially East Asia.” Merriam-Webster dictionary defined as “regions or countries lying to the east of a specified or implied point, the eastern regions or countries of the world.” The […]

Ancient Institutions and Education in India: India was the top destination for the travellers from various regions having different climates and cultures. To them, India was a land of wonder. The fame of Indian culture, wealth, religions, philosophies, art, architecture, as well as its educational practices had spread far and wide. The education system of

Value and environmental education are two important topics for the education system of any country. Before going for further details, we must know about the term ” Values”. Value and Environmental Education Values are principles, fundamental convictions, ideals, and standards of life which act as a general guide to behaviour or as a reference point

The Indian education system is based on (10+2+3) pattern under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). The MHRD was created on September 26, 1985, through the 174th amendment to the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961. The main objectives of the Ministry would be: UNIT X – Higher Education System (Click below

Evolution of Higher Learning and Research in Post Independence India: Our country has always been identified as knowledge hub since the beginning of human civilization. Indian higher education system has been witnessing metamorphic changes and challenges through the years, i.e., from the ancient Gurukul system to the modern technology-based learning system have changed the life

The topic “Policies, Governance and Administration” is not a new topic of Higher Education System. The only change is the word from “Polity” to “Policies” on revised UGC NET syllabus of Paper 1. The Policies, Governance and Administration of India are run by the Constitution of India. Policies, Governance, and Administration – Basics of Indian

“GS Net Academy is a Platform to provide Education for all students/Learners. Objective of this academy to provide free career counselling, Mentoring for UGC NET JRF, Hindi Sahitya, PGT, TGT, KVS, CTET, Ph.D Entrance Test Exam & General Studies for various competitive Exams.”

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