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What is Swayam Prabha?

It has curriculum-based course content covering diverse disciplines. This is primarily aimed at making quality learning resources accessible to remote areas where internet availability is still a challenge.

The DTH channels are using the GSAT-15 satellite for programme telecasts.

GS (General Studies) Notes for UPPSC: Important Topics to Cover

General Studies encompass a variety of subjects that constitute both the Preliminary and Mains stages of the UPPSC Exam. The detailed breakdown of these topics is outlined in the UPPSC Syllabus.

In the UPPSC Prelims, Paper 1 consists of questions on General Studies (GS) and is allocated 200 marks. The UPPSC Prelims GS Paper 1 covers approximately 10 or more subjects. In the UPPSC Mains, there are four GS papers, each carrying 200 marks. The table below outlines the essential GS topics and subtopics that candidates must study to successfully navigate both the Prelims Paper 1 and GS Papers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the UPPSC Mains exam.

Get Study Materials of General Studies for UPPSC ⇒ DOWNLOAD NOW


The SWAYAM PRABHA has new content every day for at least (4) hours, which would be repeated 5 more times in a day, allowing the students to choose the time of their convenience. The channels are uplinked from BISAG, Gandhinagar. The contents are provided by NPTEL, IITs, UGC, CEC, IGNOU, NCERT and NIOS. The INFLIBNET Centre maintains the web portal.

The DTH Channels cover the following:

  1. Higher Education: Curriculum-based course contents at a post-graduate and under-graduate level covering diverse disciplines such as arts, science, commerce, performing arts, social sciences and humanities, engineering, technology, law, medicine, agriculture, etc. All courses would be certification-ready in their detailed offering through SWAYAM, the platform being developed for offering MOOCs courses.
  2. School education (9-12 levels): modules for teacher’s training as well as teaching and learning aids for children of India to help them understand the subjects better and also help them in preparing for competitive examinations for admissions to professional degree programmes.
  3. Curriculum-based courses that can meet the needs of life-long learners of Indian citizens in India and abroad.
  4. Assist students (class 11th & 12th) to prepare for competitive exams.

List of Swayam Prabha Channels

Channel No.

Channel Name Route/Parent

Managed by CEC, New Delhi.


Channel 01: VAGEESH: CEC/UGC: Humanities- 1, Language and Literature EMRC, EFLU, Hyderabad


Channel 02: SANSKRITI: CEC/UGC: Humanities- 2, Arts, History, Philosophy and related Subjects CEC, New Delhi


Channel 03: PRABODH: CEC/UGC: Social Science -1, Sociology, Political Science and related subjects

EMRC Jodhpur

4 Channel 04: SAARASWAT: CEC/UGC: Social Science – 2, Education, Psychology, Home Science and related subjects

CEC, New Delhi


Channel 05: PRABANDHAN: CEC/UGC: Social Science – 3, Management, Library Science, Information Science and related subjects MCRC Jamia Milia


Channel 06: VIDHIK: CEC/UGC: Social Science – 4, Law, Legal Studies, Human Rights and related subjects

EMRC Patiala

7 Channel 07: KAUTILYA: CEC/UGC: Economics, Commerce and Finance

EMRC Ahmadabad


Channel 08: ARYABHATT: CEC/UGC: Physical sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and related Subjects

EMRC, University of Calicut

9 Channel 09: SPANDAN: CEC/UGC: Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Bio-Science and related subjects

EMRC, Kashmir University, Srinagar

10 Channel 10: DAKSH: CEC/UGC: Applied Sciences, Allied Physical and Chemical Sciences and related subjects

EMRC, Anna University, Chennai

Managed by NPTEL


Channel 11: NPTEL: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and related Subjects IIT Kharagpur
12 Channel 12: NPTEL: Civil Engineering and related subjects

IIT Delhi


Channel 13: NPTEL: Computer Science and Engineering IIT Kharagpur


Channel 14: NPTEL: Electrical engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and related subjects

IIT Delhi

15 Channel 15: NPTEL: Engineering Sciences and general subjects for engineering

IIT Madras


Channel 16: NPTEL: Humanities, Social Sciences and Management IIT Kanpur


Channel 17: NPTEL: Mechanical Engineering and related subjects

IIT Kanpur

18 Channel 18: NPTEL: Mathematics, Physics, Metallurgy and related subjects

IIT Tirupati / IIT Madras

Managed for High School students by IIT Delhi and is called IIT PAL


Channel 19: IIT PAL: Biology IIT PAL 1 IIT Delhi
20 Channel 20: IIT PAL: Chemistry

IIT PAL 2, IIT Delhi


Channel 21: IIT PAL: Mathematics IIT PAL 3. IIT Delhi
22 Channel 22: IIT PAL: Physics

IIT PAL 4, IIT Delhi

Managed by IGNOU, New Delhi


Channel 23: IGNOU: Liberal Arts and Humanities IGNOU, New Delhi
24 Channel 24: IGNOU: Agriculture, Vocational and Allied Sciences

IGNOU, New Delhi

Managed by the NIOS, New Delhi


Channel 25: NIOS: D.El.Ed (Regional Language)

NIOS, New Delhi

Managed by IGNOU, New Delhi


Channel 26: IGNOU: State Open Universities’ programs

IGNOU, New Delhi

Managed by the NIOS, New Delhi


Channel 27: NIOS: Secondary School Education

NIOS, New Delhi


Channel 28: NIOS: Higher Secondary School Education

NIOS, New Delhi

Managed by UGC-INFLIBNET, Gandhinagar


Channel 29: UGC-INFLIBNET (PG Subject’s & YOGA)

UGC-INFLIBNET, Gandhinagar

Managed by the NIOS, New Delhi


Channel 30: NIOS: Gyanamrit

NIOS, New Delhi

Managed by NCERT


Channel 31: NCERT: School and Teacher Education

NCERT, New Delhi

Managed by IGNOU and NIOS jointly

32 Channel 32: IGNOU and NIOS: Teacher Education

IGNOU and NIOS, New Delhi

(Sources : – https://www.swayamprabha.gov.in/ vikaspedia.in )

“GS Net Academy is a Platform to provide Education for all students/Learners. Objective of this academy to provide free career counselling, Mentoring for UGC NET JRF, Hindi Sahitya, PGT, TGT, KVS, CTET, Ph.D Entrance Test Exam & General Studies for various competitive Exams.”

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